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More on Newark Mayor Cory Booker and his servant leadership

How does your mayor compare to Cory Booker in Newark, NJ?

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a Democrat viewed by his party as a rising star, has crisscrossed the city personally to help clear snow and has kept a running, very public log of his efforts on Twitter.

“I’m on it,” Booker tweeted, in response to a user who said their car was covered in snow on Cutler Street.

Another user tweeted, “my mom stuck on 9th ave and 12th that whole block wasn’t plowed,” prompting Booker to respond: “I will get someone to your mom’s street, tell her to stay put”

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Wherever you live in Michigan or the United States, you need to pay attention to Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker. Why?

This guy seems to get it when it comes to public service. He's out there serving and the recent snowstorm that hit his city and his response to it seems to really show that.

He was out there, involved in helping people and really communicating with those he serves.

What about Michigan's new governor, Rick Snyder who called himself a "nerd" during the campaign?

Booker used Twitter as a real tool to communicate and it worked.

Does Snyder use Twitter himself and would he know a tweet from a twit? It's time for him to show his social media prowess. If he doesn't know how to use it, then he needs to learn.

What about the mayor in your town? How would you compare him to Cory Booker?