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Does anybody have a list of MI "tax expenditures" -- credits, deductions?

Michigan needs to become familiar with the late Pastor Henry Covington of Detroit

Thanks Mitch Albom for writing your column this morning in the Detroit Free Press about your friend Pastor Henry Covington of the Motor City who is an icon for the whole state of Michigan and the country as it struggles through some tough challenges.

Pastor Covington's congregation were the homeless and the down-and-outers inside the city that most everybody had given-up on and for whom daily life is a matter of survival.  Many struggle with habits and addictions that keep them down. 

That's where Henry came from.  He knew dope and violence and had been in prison and then he developed a relationship with Jesus whose birthday we are celebrating this week.  That's where Albom and Henry met and became friends and co-workers to help others.  It's a great story and one everybody needs to hear right now.  Albom wrote a book about their efforts:  Have A Little Faith.