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Michigan's budget problems are getting $1.8 billion worse

The Senate Fiscal Agency now projects a 2012 budget deficit of more than $1.8 billion in the state's general fund, if current spending and revenue policies remain in place. That's an increase of $400 million over projections made by the SFA in October.

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Michigan residents need to keep their eyes focused on the State Capitol in the coming weeks as it deals with new budget projections for the next fiscal year.

State revenues are expected to continue dropping with the next year's state revenues to fall $1.8 billion short of expenses.

What does this mean to you who live outside of the State Capitol?

There will be lots of voices with different answers. One side says that there's nothing left to cut, while the other side says there's plenty of fat.

Will the Rick Snyder, the governor-elect and the Michigan Legislature intentionally include residents in a straight-forward conversation?