How does your mayor compare to Cory Booker in Newark, NJ?
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More on Newark Mayor Cory Booker and his servant leadership

After a blizzard started blanketing the Northeast on Dec. 26, an event that earned the Twitter hashtag #snowpocalypse, Booker turned the microblogging site into a public-service tool. Residents of the city, which has a population of around 280,000, swarmed Booker's account (@CoryBooker) with requests for help, and the mayor responded. He and his staff have bounced around Newark shoveling streets and sending plows to areas where residents said they were still snowed in. "Just doug [sic] a car out on Springfield Ave and broke the cardinal rule: 'Lift with your Knees!!' I think I left part of my back back there," he reported in one message. One person let Booker know, via Twitter, that the snowy streets were preventing his sister from buying diapers. About an hour later, Booker was at the sister's door, diapers in hand.


Read the above paragraph and click on the link and tell me you're not impressed by the style of servant leadership shown by Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

He's out there and leading by example as shown in yet another story about his response to the snowstorm that crippled his city.

Check out how he delivered diapers to a family who needed them for a new baby. He also shoveled cars out that were stuck.

Is he for real? I could get excited about our city if our mayor showed that kind of leadership and if our city council did the same.

How about you?