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Our daughter-in-law-elect has a blog and a Mac and really loves our son

Justinandlauren Super-wife and I got the call from Justin yesterday afternoon from New York City with a big smile in his voice sharing that he just got engaged to his girlfriend, Lauren Morris.  We are excited.

To introduce her to our side of the world, there are some important questions to answer.  Yes, she's a Mac person.  Yes, she has a blog.  And, yes, she has an iPhone. 

Here's more:  We met her this last summer when they came to celebrate my birthday.  She seems tailor-made for our son.  Their interests seriously complement each other. 

They literally met in church-the Rez in Washington D.C.  She has 47 stamps in her passport with most of those from an around the world mission trip.  She has the heartbeat of an entrepeneur which first manifested itself when she made and sold chocolate chip cookies as a young girl.  She's comfortable with technology and uses it.

But she has a larger interest in interior design and making living spaces come to life through tweaking here and there. 

Most of all, she really loves my son and he really loves her. 

Welcome to the family Lauren.