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THORP REPORT 2010: Our Family Is Growing!

Our highlights from the past year as told through a letter

to our sixth-month-old grandson


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Dec. 21, 2010

Dear Xavier,

When you were here with your parents for Thanksgiving, you and I got distracted in our various conversations.  We talked about all kinds of important stuff including the spiffy cloth diapers you wore with the Velcro, instead of safety pins.  There was our conversation about Mac vs. PC, the joys of snow Xavierandi blowing and your new home in North Carolina.

Now that you’re six months old, it’s important that I bring you up-to-date about what grandma and I did this past year.  There was quite a bit.  

Next time we get together, I will show you the video I took of many of these things with my Flip video camera.  You can help me edit them.  Here goes:

  • Easter in Destin on Florida's Gulf Coast--In April, grandma and I drove to Destin, Florida to stay with your great-aunt and uncle Ron and Aileen Anderson.  Along the way, we stopped in Brewton, Alabama where we had sweet potato french fries. On the way, we stopped at the Pensacola Airport to pick-up your Uncle Justin who drew a crowd on the beach with his brand new iPad.
  • Washington D.C. in May--We had an early celebration of your Uncle Justin's birthday, his 26th. Ask Gladysandxavier him about what he does as director of customer happiness at his company.  He travels a lot and meets with lots of people.  He treated us to a really fancy brunch on the top of the Kennedy Center and, of course, we saw more of the sights.
  • Indy in June at the hospital--Your dad called us early on the morning on June 21 that your mom was in the hospital to give birth to you.  We drove from Lansing right to the north side of the Indy area where you were born.  Grandma and I sat in the waiting room drinking pressed coffee when we heard a lullaby over the sound system when you were born.  Then a few minutes later, we met you for the first time.  We had become official grandparents.  Wow!
  • Celebration on Deerfield Avenue--It was my 64th birthday when everybody came to our house, including you and your parents.  Uncle Justin was there with his then girlfriend Lauren.  There was Aunt Gloria, Uncle Don and your great-cousins Dan and Jessica with their kids.  They had a great time getting to know you. 
  • Sebastian Port-au-Prince, Haiti in October--Your grandma and I were part of a mission trip to help rebuild an orphanage just outside the city which had been badly-damaged by the big earthquake.  For a week, we stayed at another orphanage.  We saw thousands and thousands of people living in tents who were struggling to find enough food to eat.  
  • Telephone call from New York City--Your Uncle Justin called last Saturday to say you were going to have a new aunt.  Her name is Lauren and she lives and works in Washington and met your uncle at the Church of the Resurrection.  She works for a company that monitors foreign aid projects and she has a popular blog.  You'll have fun at their wedding. 

Just so you know grandma and I have a busy winter coming up.  She’s still helping student teachers for Spring Arbor University.  She tutors a couple of Burmese girls and she and I hang out a lot.  Before the snow came, she and I walked more than two miles everyday in our neighborhood.

We can’t wait to take you to our new church-the Ada Bible Church where we’ve been attending for the  Me past year.  You will like Pastor Jeff Manion and there are a lot of kids your age there.  We feel that we are growing in our relationship to Jesus Christ.

I will step up my blogging effort this next year with my personal blog--Daily Grit and two others.  I have almost a year left to serve on Lansing's Board of Ethics and along with your grandma I am involved in neighborhood activities.  She and I watch our city council meetings every Monday night. 

Remember that book you and I read together?  It’s “That’s Where God Is.”  The grandpa challenged his grandson to spend the next week looking for God.  And, the little boy found God in all kinds of things.

Justinlauren2 In a couple of days, we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus.  The most important thing you can do is get to know him.  It's his birth, his death on Good Friday and his rising from the dead on Easter that gives us hope that will never go away.  Never stop looking for God in your life.  He's there.  He really came to earth.  It really happened. 

We are anxious to hear about your first Christmas and we hope that all our friends and family see Jesus in a new way in the coming year.

I can't wait to see you next month in Washington when we celebrate grandma's 60th birthday and your dad's 30th. 

We love you.  You are a winner.

Grandpa Thorp

Family pic