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Should Michigan legislators be required to report meals with lobbyists?

I've never gone to lunch with a lobbyist. We've made it a policy... I bring my own lunch everyday to work, I don't allow lobbyists to buy meals for me and I haven't spent a lot of time with them. It's one of the reasons why in Lansing, I'm not that popular among the lobbying community because I haven't spent personal time with them.


Next time you see your state legislator--either a House or Senate member--ask them how many times a lobbyist had bought them a meal.

Check the above quote from Gov. Jennifer Granholm in the blog-Blogging For Michigan--where she says she never let a lobbyist buy her lunch during her eight years in office. She brings her own lunch to work, she says.

What about it? How effectively can a lobbyist get a lawmaker's ear by buying a meal every month or so? We are not talking a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.

It's usually a real nice place with an expensive meal and maybe a few drinks and solid one-on-one face time with a special interest.

The lobbyist picks up the bill.

Should lawmakers be required to report each meal? List the lobbyist and the issues discussed. Would it help?

Is there a positive justification for a lobbyist to buy a lawmaker a meal? Isn't part of a lobbyist's job to educate?

Can that be done effectively in a hour meeting in the office?