Should Michigan legislators be required to report meals with lobbyists?
Does Rick Snyder lift his skirt high enough to see more than his knees?

Would Michigan be better off without one-party rule?

Voters in the U.S. generally recognize that political gridlock is better than one-party rule — a judgment that seems lost on the ruling class.


Would the state of Michigan be better off in the New Year if it were not controlled by one political party?

Check the above column by the Mackinac Center's Russ Harding who raises the question about Republicans controlling both the Michigan governor's office, as well as both houses of the State Legislature.

Will it be too easy to ram bills through the legislative and then get them signed by the governor?

Harding points to the prospects of poorly thought out legislation that leads to bigger and less effective state government.

He raises the point that we might be better off with some gridlock in the process.

What do you think?