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A million bucks worth of good advice from my son for businesses, churches, politicians

Justin2 Sure, I'm proud of my son, Justin Thorp, and I could spend a lot of time bragging about him and the man that he has become. He's a neat guy and I'm a proud dad.

But, he has some communication advice that's relevant to any business, church, pastor, state legislator, city council-member and township trustee.

These are ideas that have been percolating inside him since he was a young kid and have really taken root as the community manager at Clearspring Technologies, the developer of the web content sharing application AddThis.

Too many people with a message have grabbed on to social media like giddy school children with a new cellphone in their pockets. They like the new toys and see them as an answer to. . .just about everything. And they they are disappointed.

Read this post about remarks Justin made recently on the topic. Print them and see how they fit for you. He shares five main points:

1. Remember that your primary focus is to communicate.

2. Interact face-to-face as well as online.

3. Use social media to listen as well as talk.

4. Embrace criticism.

5. Think about customer service as an opportunity rather than an obligation.

You need a communications mindset. That means, it has to be two-way. You talk and you listen and you respond. Simple, right? Not for a lot of people.