FACTOID: How many people in Michigan are registered to use medical marijuana?
How much are you paying to fill the gas tank of your car, truck and SUV?

Getting ready for church and a visit with my grandson on a really cold Michigan morning

I'm next in line for the shower and then church. 

While waiting I'm thinking of my grandson who we will see later this week.  Xavier's six months old and will be moving overseas with his parents in the near future.

Xavier I'm thinking about what we can do together and what we can talk about about when he and I have some alone time.  Right at the top of my head, I'm think to sharing with him the joy of pancakes.  He needs to know about blueberry pancakes.  Big fluffy pancakes with maple syrup.  Those made with cranberries and orange pieces. 

It will be fun to tell him about the Char House in Bay City where his grandma and I spent many an hour eating pancakes and drinking coffee before we got married.  We talked about everything as we moved towards getting married.

My "Xavier Talk List" will have many more items.  Right now, I need to get my heart ready for church and to worship our great God who gives us all real hope.  I need my God tank filled to the top for a busy week.