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Trouble on a Sunday morning in mid-Michigan

Does it surprise you that trouble is a part of life? Probably not. We all know trouble close-up and personal—bad health, empty bank account, blighted love, grief, loss of job, and the list goes on.


It's Sunday morning and I'm trying to prepare my head and my heart for church. First, it was the music on Family Life Radio's 99.9 in Lansing. The song, "In Christ Alone" really set a tone so far.

But, what about trouble that's almost a certainty? When it happens in Michigan, it seems all the more intense.

How should we/I respond? Click on the above devotion from Our Daily Bread. It's says golfers go out of their way to experience and play through hazards, just to improve their game.

There's a strong lesson here. I pray for God's big-time help when that class starts again.