Celebrating super-wife's six decades of life
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What was the best part of going to Washington D.C. this past weekend?

How do you celebrate your wife's 60th birthday?  And your son-in-law's 30th.

A few months back I was faced with that question when trying to figure out how to recognize my wife's Meandxavier six decades of life.  When I turned 60 my family threw a big surprise birthday party for me.  My wife made it clear she didn't want one.  She'd be really happy just to be with her expanding family.

We did it this past weekend at my son's in Washington D.C.  It was our eighth or ninth trip since our son moved there after graduating from college. 

Our daughter, her husband and their 7-month-old son came up from North Carolina.  And we had a new addition to the family equation with our son's fiance.  The best part of the whole trip was being with our family.  But getting together in Washington D.C made it special. 

  Here are some of my notes and pictures from the weekend about where we went and what we did:

  • Birthday supper on Friday night at Chef Geoff's Downtown:  I'm not a foodie but this restaurant Justinandlauren could turn me into one.  My seven-month-old grandson came along for a dinner served on table cloths and food that expanded the boundaries of your palate.  It was very special and a treat from our son.
  • Birthday lunch of Friday at Chop't Creative Salad Company at Union Station:  This place was packed with patrons standing in line for made-to-order salads.  The number of choices could only be determined with mathmatic modelling.  It was great.  I'd go back in a minute.  It was affordable.
  • Birthday snack on Friday at Crumbs cupcakes at 604 NW 11th Street:  Again this place was packed with everybody ordering gourmet cupcakes.  They were big and they were almost evil in their great taste.  It was so packed that we had to take them down the street to a Barnes and Nobles.  
  • Sunday night treat after church:  We went to Dangerously Delicious Pies, a popular place, in a neighborhood that's being redeveloped.  The apple pie we got was filled with apples and taste.  And again, it was very special.  

The best part was visiting and catching up, sharing our lives and strengthening our family ties.  My son's fiance shared her condo with us and our son's apartment right on Capitol Hill was a sleeping spot for my wife and me. 

Great time.  We are blessed.  Thank-you God!