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FACTOID: State and local government in Michigan takes big chunk of your paycheck

Michigan's state government and its local units of government like cities, townships and counties are struggling to pay their bills for existing services and are threatening to cut things we've become used to.

The debate about the costs of these services is picking up and the noise level will probably become deafening at some point.

How much does state and local government take out of your paycheck?  Because you help pay the bill, it's important to know how much it's costing.  Right?

This story from today's Lansing State Journal says 14 percent and this is without figuring in the cost of local schools.  The story says:

Michiganders pay $1 for every $7 they earn to support state and local governments - a total of
$50.4 billion in 2010. When schools are included, the total cost was $82.5 billion.