Michigan retirees: Raise your hands if you want your pensions taxed
Will the Michigan Legislature roll over and play dead for Gov. Rick Snyder?

How can we avoid a civil war here in Michigan over the union issue?

Labor leaders say the Republican-controlled Legislature is pushing "Wisconsin-style assaults" on unions through a series of bills, including one to repeal Michigan's prevailing wage law and another to end binding arbitration for police and firefighters.

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Are we headed towards a civil war in Michigan over the role of unions in our local and state government?

Like a bad storm coming from the west over Lake Michigan, one can see the storm clouds blowing in from the anger being generated at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

People in our town are getting jumpy and defensive about their positions on these issues. It's almost like when you say "Good morning" to somebody and you feel compelled to respond "What do you mean by that?"

I feel myself responding that way,at least, on a silent level.

Today's rally of the various sides at the Michigan Capitol will tell a lot. Will leaders, union, business and political, be able to encourage useful political discussion without making people feel like they are under attack?

I'm glad the sun's out today in mid-Michigan, otherwise it would be easy to feel glum about the future.

What do you think? Can we overcome our differences, work them out and come together as a whole?