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Is President Obama the Ronald Reagan of the twenty-first century?

Today's marking of the 100th anniversary of Reagan's birth finds the country once again in a debilitating malaise. A new generation of young people worry they'll be denied their shot at the brass ring.

Our leaders are again trying to force us to sacrifice individual aspirations and choices for the greater good. Wealth and ambition are demonized.

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Lots of the folks in the media class of the ruling elite are comparing President Obama to the late President Reagan. They point to the president's ability to turn a phrase in his speeches.

And President Reagan was able to do that in a way that stopped people on the street corner to smile that they had hope for a better future.

Check Nolan Finley's column from today's Detroit News about his impressions of Reagan.

It's not just the words, it's the content of those words. Obama and Reagan have two different worldviews.