How many Michigan cities are going to go bankrupt?
How can we avoid a civil war here in Michigan over the union issue?

Michigan retirees: Raise your hands if you want your pensions taxed

The budget calls for total spending of $46 million, deep cuts, higher personal taxes for many Michigan residents, and a business tax cut of nearly $1.8 billion. Even before the 11 a.m. start of Snyder's budget explanation to lawmakers, negative reaction was being heard from state employees, cities and seniors whose pensions will be taxed for the first time.


Is this the best that new Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder could do to fix our state's chronic financial problems?

He's proposing that state businesses get a $1.8 billion tax cut and that senior citizens and the elderly pay more.

Should we be impressed that he's taking only a $1 salary as governor this year? What does an almost $200,000 salary mean to a person who has millions?

Is it time for a do-over on last-year's gubernatorial election?

What would have Virg Bernero's budget looked like, if he had been elected?

For the record, I consider myself to be a conservative of the Barry Goldwater variety.

My ties to the Republican party are becoming a memory.