FACTOID: State and local government in Michigan takes big chunk of your paycheck
LINK: Here's Gov. Rick Snyder's Guide to MI Financial Health

Michigan State Treasurer Dillon warns about 100 local communities in financial distress

Dillon said "three or four" communities - he would not name them - are on the brink of financial collapse and might not be able to pay their employees in March. A state treasury report in 2009 said about 100 communities were in some financial distress.

via www.lansingstatejournal.com

What are the communities in Michigan in financial distress and what are the three or four that might not be able to make their payrolls in March?

Check the quote above from a sidebar to a Lansing State Journal that describes how state treasurer Andy Dillon is training a cadre of financial manager to assist local units with their financial troubles.

Does anybody have the list of 100 communities or the three or four who might not make their payroll?