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Sunday morning stuff: Can you be the master of your fate?

Starting Sunday morning in mid-Michigan with Our Daily Bread

Yesterday, our Web Administrator explained to me the problems we’ve had keeping some of our sites up and running the last few days. Apparently the number of people trying to access Our Daily Bread and the family of RBC sites is growing at a rate that has exceeded the capacity of our servers.


I've always wondered how many people use the online version of Our Daily Bread from Radio Bible Class in Grand Rapids. When I'm sitting on my couch here in mid-Michigan reading the daily devotion, I seem to be alone in my contemplation to God's Word as it relates to my daily life.

This morning I read the above quote from Mart DeHaan of RBC about how there's such a large number of people using the online version of the devotion that they've had to expand their server capacity.

If you click on the above link, it will take you to DeHaan's blog where he writes about a wide-array of biblical topics and carries on a discussion with readers around the world.

Would such a tool work for the average church pastor? What a great way to communicate with parishioners and a wider circle of readers around the world.