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Sunday morning stuff: Can you be the master of your fate?

Today will follow a pattern:  It's Sunday morning and I know that I need to get both my body and my heart ready for church.  What does that mean?

I'm trying to realign the dials of my heart to focus on God and who he is and who he should be in my life.

I look at my life and all the uncertainties and I try to think of what I have control over.  Not much.  So much is outside of individual control.  That includes personal health, political happenings, money, safety and everything else.  What does that leave me with?

I was going through my collection of saved items from the web on my Evernote account and found an article from Billy Graham that provided the answer.  He wrote:

We are caught up in a stream of history that is beyond our ability to control. There is only one power available to change the course of history, and that is the power of prayer—the prayer of God-fearing, Christ-believing men and women.

But today we have come to a place where many people regard prayer as simply a formality. We have no sense of coming to grips with God, except for the continuation of a venerated tradition. Yet how can we go on unless there is a renewed emphasis on prayer?

As I eat my oatmeal with blueberries on top and as I move to the showers and then church, I pray that God will guide and use me in whatever happens.  I pray that churches in my town come alive with his grace and his hope.