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Teen suicide in Lake Orion, Michigan and other places

That afternoon, Jacob was caught in an intimate situation with a girl in a room at the church. Parents were called, meetings held. He was embarrassed and felt like he had disappointed everybody. His church. His family. The girl. Later that night, he came home late, reeking of alcohol. Jacob denied drinking -- he always denied drinking -- so Ken Wolvin took his son to the Lake Orion Police Department to check.


I wonder how many teenage kids are thinking about suicide this morning.

What raises the question for me, is the story this morning about the seven high school kids in Lake Orion, Michigan, who committed suicide in the past few years.

It's not an easy story to read and for many parents, it's hard to relate to. But, it raise lots of questions about how our kids are being prepared for life and what to expect.

Do they know how to recover from bad decisions, big mistakes?  Where do they go for hope?  

It's a complex topic and it's hard to digest on a Sunday morning.