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This "baby-boomer" walked in his basement today with my treadmill, iPad and God

I miss walking in our neighborhood with my wife.  Because of these daily walks, I was able to dump blood pressure meds and maintain some level of fitness.  Right now, sidewalks are snowy and icy and it's cold outside.

So today I used our treadmill in the basement again.  I take my iPad with earbuds and watch a sermon from Ada Bible Church.  I continue to go through Pastor Jeff Manion's People of the Way series.  His teachings on Ephesians have been a game-changer for me and this is a great way to walk and to gain physically and spiritually.

I then record my workout in Runkeeper so my son and my son-in-law, my physical fitness support group, can see that I did it and I then share that on Facebook.  It looks like this: