Following the earthquake, tsunami aftermath in Sendai, Japan
Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder is no Bill Milliken

Are Michigan's potholes worse than other years?

"You get what you pay for," says Nystrom, who cites a report from the Michigan Township Association ranking Michigan 48th in the nation in per-capita road spending.


It would be easy to think that Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley's whine about potholes on Michigan highways is the result of a lunch with a road builder lobbyist looking for more work for his employers.

Click on the link on the above quote for a story about how little Michigan spends on its highways compared to other states.

Why doesn't the Detroit News do an actual news story where it lays this out?

Are the potholes on state roads worse than past years?

Weather-related whining in Michigan has been popular during my lifetime. It might be related to the extended greyness that goes on and on. Perhaps Finley has been spending too much time inside a grey city or maybe he is right.