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Eating Sunday brunch at Zest Exciting Food Creations in Inianapolis

We saw this review of their french toast on their wall when we left the restaurant.
Our son Justin and his fiance Lauren hit a homerun this past Sunday when they took my wife and I out for brunch at Zest Exciting Food Creations at 1134 East 54th St. in Indianapolis.  We had just gotten out of church and the two of them found it by using Yelp and looking at reviews of nearby restaurants.

I wasn't sure what to expect when we found on the restaurant's window that the Food Network's Guy Fieri had just been there a few day's before to film an episode of his show, Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives.  His visit airs in May, according to our waitress and we will be watching.

The only thing that qualifies me as a foodie is that I like to eat.  I'm not one for tasting something and then being able to separate layers of different tastes.  I know what I like and I really liked their crem brulee french toast.  It was served with a side of cherrywood smoked bacon.

The taste quickly moved the meter for me to the wow side.  I'd love to try it again to spend more time with the tastes.  But that would preclude trying other items on the menu that grabs your attention like: a meatloaf sandwich with white cheddar&sun-dried tomato marmelade on sourdough, eggplant wellington, a 3-napkin burger and carrot cake.  I'm sure all of these have a special twist.

Perhaps what drew Fieri to the restaurant is that after eating my french toast I could feel my arteries closing.  But I sure had a smile on my face.  Let it be noted that they had plenty of healthy type items on the menu like a veggie burger and grammy's porridge. 

Thank-you Justin and Lauren for this special treat.