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Today: MI Tea Party, Tiger's Cabrera, LCMS, Healthcare, Colson on DOMA, etc.

During the day I read a lot of stuff on the web that gets my attention and that I feel is worth sharing.  It's presumptious to think that readers would take the time to plow through a post to get to the link.  I will add short items with links throughout the day. 

(Thanks to Glenn Reynolds of for modelling this post format)

WHERE'S MICHIGAN'S TEA PARTIERS? --They must be doing winter in Florida or Arizona where there's sun and warm weather.  You'd think they'd be screaming and demonstrating as Republican legislators pass a bill to give emergency financial managers historic power to take over school districts and cities.  Check this Detroit News story.

SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR MIGUEL CABRERA? --Think about all the poor schlubs in Michigan and elsewhere who've drove drunk and got caught.  Most spend some time in jail, pay huge fines and costs and many get their driver's license taken away.  What about Miguel Cabrera, 26-year-old star player for the Detroit Tigers?  Read this story from today's Detroit Free Press about his activities the night he was arrested.  Does he deserve special treatment?

WHAT ABOUT MISSOURI SYNOD LUTHERANS AND THE WORLD AROUND THEM?--The new president of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Matt Harrison, seems to have an upbeat view about the role of his members in the world today given all the cultural changes.  He points to the ELCA and their loosening views on sexuality.

IS THIS THE ANSWER TO HEALTHCARE REFORM CHANGES?  The Healthcare Compact as described in this National Review Online column pushes some new thinking into changes to the new federal healthcare law, also known as Obamacare.

CHUCK COLSON ON OBAMA AND DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE:  This is controversial and is deserving of more discussion in the church than it's getting, according to Colson.  Click here for more information.