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How do you not forget what you read in your morning devotions?

Dailybread Super-wife and I try to walk everyday and one of the highlights is our conversation.  A permanent item on our talk agenda is what we read in our personal devotions after we got out of bed.  And you know what?

She'll ask or I'll ask what the other read and meditated on and quite often it won't comeback from the recesses of our memories.  Perhaps, it never made it that far.  Can anybody relate?

That's why I'm posting what I read in today's devotion in Our Daily Bread by Radio Bible Class.  I get the print version, but most often I go to the online site which contains a ton of useful resources.

What did I read this morning?

David McCasland, one of their regular writers, writes about the children of Israel who demanded that they get a king.  They stubbornly resisted the wisdom of God and kept demanding a king and God gave them what they wanted.  Then they realized they made a big time mistake that would haunt them.

Then the prophet Samuel told them:

You have done all this wickedness; yet do not turn aside from following the Lord, but serve the Lord with all your heart. —1 Samuel 12:20
What does this mean to me?  My past mistakes where I knew I was doing something wrong don't have to hold me back from serving God today.  I can ask for God's forgiveness which means that what I do today can influence tomorrow in a positive, rather than a negative way.
I want to remember this which means that I need God's help in keeping it from sliding off my memory.  And I need his help to apply it in my everyday life.