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How would you grade Michigan U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers as a member of Congress?

When I worked in the Michigan Senate, I remember being impressed with now U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers when he served in that body.  He seemed to be grounded in solid personal and political values and his star seemed to be rising on the state political front.

While working for a state senator from southeast Michigan, I had a chance to sit on the floor of the state senate next to Rogers and his desk.  He knew his district, its people, their concerns and he was an effective advocate for them.

Since then, I've retired from being a legislative staffer and I'm now just a garden variety constituent of Rogers.  Occasionally, we get a slick flyer from his office promoting what he has said and done.  But there hasn't been much else.

What about Rogers?  He has risen in leadership responsibilities in the U.S. House of Representatives.  He's a player on the national stage.

But how does he rate as a representative of a very challenged area of Michigan?  Does he actively engage constituent conversation with him?  Does he listen?  Does he respond?  Just curious.  Here's a video of him being interviewed on ABC News about Libya: