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In his blog, my son-in-law shares about what makes him tick

What does life today look like for a 30-year-old father of one who's going to be looking at the world soon from Eastern Europe?  This is my son-in-law Adam Jones who has restarted his blog and who's now touching on some pretty relevant stuff for any age-group.  As he and my daughter Krista get ready to move overseas to Bosnia, he opens his heart to the world around him as viewed through his eyes.

I'm excited to listen to his voice through his blog as he scopes out everything from being a husband, a dad, a son and a guy who wants to help make this world a better place to live.  He loves my daughter and my grandson with all his heart and more important he talks about his love from and for Jesus Christ and how he wants to reflect that on a practical, everyday level.

He and I have drained a few coffee urns getting to know each other.  He's a person of substance and he's worth a read.