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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is a case study in why corporate CEO's don't make good political leaders

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is trying to rule our state, rather than lead it and this Facebook effort to promote recalling him as governor is evidence of that.

He failed miserably during his campaign in bringing state residents together around a specific and detailed vision of where the state should be headed.  As our state was doing an economic death dive, he flashed his credentials as the CEO of a failed computer company and as a venture capitalist.  He said he would reinvent the state and get more jobs.  That was it.

Ruling by fiat and declaration works for a CEO but not for a political leader at any level.  There was a consensus among voters last fall and it wasn't for Rick Snyder.  It was against our last governor, Jennifer Granholm.  He failed to bring people together and that inability is showing now.

Divisions in the state are widening as union members are hunkering down ready for a fight.  Rather than fighting to correct state problems, we will continue fighting each other.

Watch this Facebook group to recall him grow as Snyder tries to bully his ideas through the legislature. 

What we have is a case study for voters to examine and learn from.