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Our daughter Krista was the first baby born at the hospital on St. Patrick's Day in 1982

Krista What are your key life memories, the ones that bring an instant response whenever you think about them?

For me the memory that brings an instant smile to my face was the birth of our daughter Krista at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing on St. Patrick's Day 29 years-ago.  When I think of her birth, I unlock a whole section of my memory bank that helps me focus on the truly important parts of life.  Whatever direction my life takes as I get older, I will always be able to see and fall back on a shelf full of great memories that involve my family and ultimately point to the faithfulness and grace of God.

I am proud of the woman she has become.  She's a wife, a mom, a nurse and a daughter of God.  She knows where she gets her primary identity.  She's a winner.

She and her family are in North Carolina waiting to move to Bosnia.  But her mom and I will be celebrating her birthday and we will be talking about the day she was born.  Count on it.  Happy Birthday Krista.  I love you.