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Today is Ron Anderson's 88th birthday.  To help celebrate, I wish I could bring a bottle of Great Lakes Red to his home to help celebrate what has been and continues to be a very special life.  He's from Bay City, Michigan, via Hesperia where he was born.  He and my Aunt Aileen have been married more than 60 years and have lived a life should be a template for others.

What makes their life special?  They've seen victories and defeats, the times where there was big family celebrations and those when life was lived minute-by-minute as they dealt with intense tragedy and loss.  And they are still doing it.


What about Ron?  He's a vet of World War II and served time in the Pacific.  He became one of the first dealers for Motorola's two-way radios for police, fire and public service.  He built two businesses and was one of the first Apple computer dealers in the country.  He's continues to be an innovator where he sees a need and develops a solution.  He's on Facebook and he has a blog.

From my earliest memories as a young boy, you could always see a third person walking alongside them.  They have kept their focus and their faith in Jesus Christ.  I know that their faith in him is very real and vital.  Happy Birthday Ron.  If you hear glasses clinking up north, it's Gladys and I remembering a special day.  Here's a video clip of him explaining his service during World War II:


Part #1-World War II vet shares from Wes Thorp on Vimeo.