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Dailybread It's easier to think about dying at age almost 65 and as part of the oldest group of baby-boomers and about the whole question of going to either heaven or hell.  I definitely have more life behind me than I have in front of me.  I will die.  And the question comes what happens after that.

Rob Bell, the infamous Grand Rapids-area pastor, has received a firestorm of attention by suggesting that people who die without accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior will have a second chance to gain entrance into heaven.

Today's devotion that I read in Our Daily Bread is based on John 14:6 where Jesus very clearly says he's the only way to God.  The devotion-writer, Bill Crowder, recounts how he once was turned away from entrance into a country because of visa problems.  He and his wife had to fly back to the U.S.

He writes about what he calls the ultimate entry rejection.  "I’m speaking of those who will stand before God without valid entry into heaven."

I pray for God's help in reminding me that there's only one way into eternal life and it's through Jesus.  There's nothing I can do to earn it.  It's a gift.