How can we avoid a civil war here in Michigan over the union issue?
Michigan voters say no to Gov. Snyder proposal to cut state school aid

Will the Michigan Legislature roll over and play dead for Gov. Rick Snyder?

Gov. Rick Snyder is confident his budget proposal — including a tax on pensions — will be enacted, despite growing opposition from his own party, he said in an interview Wednesday with the Livingston Daily Press & Argus.


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has declared what he wants the State Legislature to do and he expects them to get it done in the next two weeks.

Is it healthy for our state and its future for the State House and Senate to roll over and play dead and blindly give the governor whatever he wants?

Click on the above link and read what he expects.

Keep in mind that the legislature was designed to be a speed bump for politicians who fail to touch base with the people they represent. State lawmakers are supposed to keep their ears directed towards their constituents and what they want.

As a former CEO for Gateway Computer, the governor seems to still be in the habit of dictating what he wants and expecting that it will be carried out.

I wonder how that's going to work out for him and for us.