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Is Lansing's City Council still unprofessional and immature as WKAR's Rob South described?

But you also have, sort of, this general troubling immaturity about council, and, sort of, unprofessionalism. You know, as I sit and watch the city council, there are councilmembers who are on their computers, texting on their cell phones, there are some councilmembers who eat dinner at the dais, there are councilmembers who don't even look up during public comment, who ignore the public when the public is talking.

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I understand that the operation of democratic government can really be messy and not much fun to watch. So, I cut the Lansing City Council some slack when I watch its meetings on Monday nights.

As a resident of the city, I'm troubled by what I see at the meetings, the lack of respect for each others and the perceived lack of respect for people during the public comment.

Click on the above link and listen to the interview with WKAR reporter Rob South about his assessment of our State Capital city's governing body. It sounds like a description of a high school student council.

Are my concerns unique to me? How does the demeanor of our council compare with other city councils? What effect is this having on the quality of life in the city?

I'm concerned. You?