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Is reporter Susan Demas right about Michigan's Tea Party and it's silence on Gov. Rick Snyder's tax increases?

Is the Tea Party dead in Michigan?

Why do I ask?  Because our state's new leader, Gov. Rick Snyder, is meeting with success in getting huge tax increases passed that affect a broad range of people including senior citizens and low-income folks without a whimper from the Tea Party.

Last year during the political campaign, the Tea Party types in the Great Lakes State frothed at the mouth about stopping any and all tax increases.  But not a sound about Snyder's tax increases which rival anything proposed by his predecessor, former Gov. Jennifer Granholm. 

Read this column by Susan Demas where she outlines the increases and the lack of response from Tea Party leaders in the state.

How will this lack of response translate itself at the polls next November when President Obama is on the ballot?