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“I’m a proud Republican and I voted for these people,” said Ray Cornell, 74, a retired construction project manager from East Grand Rapids. “They never came out and said they were going to cut education and now they’re increasing my taxes.”

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Check the above quote from the Grand Rapids Press where a Republican voter complains that Gov. Rick Snyder never came out and said during the last campaign he would cut education. It's time to stop and take a look at that comment and at the last campaign.

Think back to Michigan's campaign for governor and for the state legislature. In the primaries and in the general election, what did the candidates say about the issues and about their solutions?
Did you or any other voter ask?

And what was the answer? Usually, candidates respond with generalities that say nothing. That way they don't have to invoke unnecessary controversy where they risk offending potential voters.

In the above quote, the voter complains about Snyder not saying he would be for cutting public school education. Was he ever asked that question directly by voters and by the media. What was his response? You probably were left sucking your thumb after a typical non-response.

The level of political debate and rhetoric in this state needs to be raised. Issues need real discussion. It starts with voters holding candidates feet to the fire.