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My son and his wife leave on a lifetime adventure

Here's my "best man's toast" for my son's--Justin Thorp--wedding

Justinandlauren Here's a draft of my best man's speech/toast for Justin and Lauren's wedding.  I won't read it.  I'll just use this as an outline.  I'm excited.  We are having fun.

  1. My name is Wes and I’m the best man and father of the groom.
  2. As he describes it, I’m also chairman of his board and close friend.
  3. My relationship with him goes way back.  
  4. I cut his umbilical cord and today I will be signing his marriage license.
  5. As his best man, my job right now is to bring together all the different voices here in one big shout of celebration for he and Lauren.
  6. We also want to call out a mighty big God who brought the two of them together and got them to this point of starting a lifelong adventure together.
  7. We praise you Creator God and we celebrate you for your role in the start of something big, bold and wonderful here today.
  8. Three things that I need to share with Lauren about our family and about Justin.
  9. Everybody has heard that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  10. No pressure here.  But you need to know that after being home from our honeymoon, we had a baby-daughter--Krista--within about nine months and a couple of hours.  Again no pressure.
  11. The second thing I want to share.
  12. There’s always the issue in a marriage of men not wanting to use a map or to stop and ask for directions.
  13. When Justin was in 8th grade, he and I came to Washington with a million other guys for a Promise Keepers rally on the National Mall.
  14. He offered to get us ice cream bars on the other side of the mall.  I gave him five bucks and he made his way through this mass of men.  I kicked myself for letting him do this and felt he would get lost for sure.
  15. Within 20 minutes, he found his way back to one very small spot.  He threaded the eye of the needle.  He knows his way around.
  16. Third thing is about how easy going he is.  But he has his limits.  One example was when he was two years old when he was sitting on the couch watching tv with his sister.
  17. Ask him whether he broke his collar bone because his sister pushed him or if he fell.
  18. One more thing about Justin.  He went through various phases in his life.
  19. He had a Ninja Turtle phase.  A ghostbusters phase and a Legos phase.
  20. It’s time to pull out the Legos and show how Legos relate to marriage.
  21. Two things:  We got them a house as a wedding gift.  A Lego house.  Look at the pieces one at a time.
  22. They are quite ordinary and insignificant by themselves.
  23. Put them together and they make something extraordinary.
  24. Check this box of Legos and its strength comes from the diversity of its pieces.  But when these unique pieces come together, they create dynamic things.
  25. The same is true for Justin and Lauren.  As they come together, they are creating an extraordinary family.  But they still retain their uniqueness.  Different personalities, experiences, struggles and achievements.
  26. As you move onward from today, remember who created everything and everybody
  27. One of the most significant verses in the Bible for me is Ephesians 1:5.
  28. We are told that God adopted us into his family.
  29. Our primary identity comes from him.
  30. I want to remind you of that as you start out today
  31. Remember who you are.
  32. Remember who you are.
  33. You are His.
  34. Let’s drink a toast to the new couple--my son and my new daughter-in-law Lauren.