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Should Christians celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden?

Yet, for all of the celebratory drinks that will be downed today, and as good and needful as it is for dangerous people to be stopped, this could be a sobering moment for followers of Christ.


When we heard the news the other night about the death of Osama bin Laden, I felt uncomfortable with the idea of celebrating.

It wasn't like those grand football days when Michigan State University beats the University of Michigan and you feel like dancing in the streets naked. A real live person was killed, a person who caused a lot of harm and suffering and who has an evil legacy that will live on.

For some perspective, check out this blog post from Mart DeHaan of the Radio Bible Class in Grand Rapids.

He raises the same questions? What should the response be for the Christian? Is it time to shout that he should burn in hell?

What if he had accepted Jesus Christ before he was killed? And what if we see him in heaven? Possible?

Because of original sin, aren't we all evil? God doesn't grade evil on a curve. Does he? We don't get rid of the evil until we say we are sorry for our sins and ask Jesus to save us.