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Should the official Michigan bird be changed from the Robin to the Woodpecker?

  What can Michigan learn from the Woodpecker and what has it learned from the Robin during all its years  Woodpecker 2 as the Michigan bird?

Living in the Great Lakes state right now is not for the faint-hearted.  The future for living here seems hazy at best.  Success requires keeping your nose to the grindstone not unlike the Woodpecker who taps away thousands of times a day with a tiny beak to reach a bug or other food.

It might be time to change the state bird.  Michigan, the Woodpecker state.  Ready to sign on to a movement to switch bird alliances?

Check this blog post from our East Lansing Wild Birds Unlimited where the resident bird expert, Sarah, points to the different kinds of woodpeckers in the state.  By the way, this is a great blog and the store is a great place to find things that birds like to eat.  Evidence of that is our backyard, an inner-city bird sanctuary.