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When they say my leg needs to be amputated, this is the doctor I want to see

I liked reading this story about Dr. Jihad Mustapha of Grand Rapids for a couple of reasons.  I really enjoy reading old-fashioned newspaper profiles where there's an attempt to show a full picture of the "who, what, when, where, how, why and so what" of a person.  I really enjoy learning about people and what makes them tick. 

In this Grand Rapids Press story, the story of Dr. Mustapha is told.  He lived through the Lebanese civil war and gradually made this way to Dearborn, to medical school and then to Grand Rapids.

Then there's a piece about how he got involved in helping people save their legs which had been destined for amputation.  He developed innovative procedures resulting in many successes.  His work has attracted worldwide attention.

A second reason I liked reading this story is that as I get older and my various body parts wear out, I know there are doctors out there doing work that I or others might need.