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Baby-boomers: If you're looking for it, here's the real fountain of youth

As I wait for an Aleve pill to kick-in to take the pain out of a bad knee with very little meniscus, I read this AARP article from AARP about how baby-boomers can help stay healthy.  The answer is exercise.  The rewards to doing it can be many, it says.  Here's one description of this just before super-wife and I go for a walk:

"Exercise seems to be one of the key factors that distinguish people who have a healthy old age from those who don't," says Suzanne Leveille, a professor of nursing at the University of Massachusetts Boston who is conducting research on disability in older people.

"Being sedentary is a known risk factor for just about every poor health outcome, from being hospitalized to ending up in a nursing home, and even to mortality."