We paid $3.32 per gallon for gas at Sam's Club on Lansing's southside
City of Lansing watchdog shines light on individual City Hall salaries

Could this be the answer to the problems of Michigan's cities and other units of local government?

Many if not most local units of government in Michigan are struggling, some are suffering and some are on the edge of going bankrupt.  Their legislative bodies, city councils, commissions, township boards and county boards of commissioners more resemble a catty student council than a democratic legislative body.

Look at what's happening in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where religious leaders of all stripes have banded together for three days of prayer and fasting to ask God to bring a spirit of cooperation among their political and business leaders and in their community.

This is really important.  In Lansing, our city council opens with a moment of silence where you can think pretty thoughts and impart positive energy.  How's that working?  Our city continues to struggle with its leaders never more divided and citizens less trustful of their local government.