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Moms: Would you want your daughter to marry a guy like Papa Bear in the Berenstain Bears?

Bears During the day super-wife and I will quite often have Family Life Radio on all day in the background as we do our stuff around home.  Today morning host Peter Brooks and his co-host started singing the praises of the Bearenstain Bear books to read to your kids.  Apparently, there are updated versions with a faith-based component.

For those of you who have read them to your kids, think back to Papa Bear and how he's characterized.  Did he pull his weight in the family?  No, he was a lazy dolt.  He ducked responsibility and he didn't try to hide that.

He was a poor example to his kids while being a big-friendly guy who would be fun to sit next to at the bar or the coffeeshop. 

He was far from being a good example to his kids with Mama Bear always being the wise one and the one who took the reins on everything.

With Father's Day just around the corner, what do you think?  Sure, you can make all the jokes.  But would you want your daughter to marry a Papa Bear type of guy?  My son is not that way nor is my son-in-law. 

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