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My pick for politician of the day: Illinois U.S. Rep. Timothy V. Johnson for personally calling each of his constituents

It would be fun to sit down with U.S. Rep. Timothy V. Johnson of Illinois and ask him what he's learned from personally telephoning each of his 300,000 constituents at least once if not twice.  This Washington Post story has the details. 

He apparently works real hard at doing this and has made it a significant part of his life.  Think of the huge cellphone bills, but think of the possibilities its represents.  He knows his constituents from personal contact.

What would happen here in Michigan if each city council member, township board member, county commissioner, state legislator and member of Congress did this?  What if they just asked what was on your mind and how's stuff?  Would it make a difference?

Check this blog post from the National Conference of State Legislatures about this practice by U.S. Rep. Johnson.