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What's your opinion of Lansing's proposed medical marijuana ordinance?

The city of Lansing from its downtown to its neighborhoods are crackling with tension over implementing the state's law which legalized the sale of medical marijuana.  Right now our city has around 47 medical marijuana dispensaries where the narcotic can be purchased openly with those having a special card through the state.

The debate in the city is over how tightly the sale of the drug should be regulated.  Some says that it needs to be held to the same high standards as pharmacies while others say that the obstacles to its sale need to be held to a minimum to not impede the growth of a major contributor to the local economy.

The Lansing City Council is expected to soon adopt a regulatory ordinance and here's a draft of the latest version.  Any comments?  Too tight?  Too loose?  Leave a comment.  Click on this link or the graphic to reach a copy of the proposed ordinance.


How safe are the manhole covers and sewer grates in your city?

The city of Flint, the birth place of General Motors, seems to be on the front lines of another cultural shift, an epidemic of thieves taking its manhole covers and sewer grates, according to this story on  Apparently these basic pieces of municipal infrastructure have real value when sold to a scrap metal dealer.

City workers are trying to bolt them down and city political leaders are working to slap the hands of scrap metal dealers who buy them.

What about your city and its manhole covers and sewer grates?  Are they targets for local thieves?  Can you imagine life without manole covers?


Happy birthday to our son Justin as he flies across the Atlantic Ocean with his bride



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Super-wife and I are celebrating today the 27th birthday of our son Justin.  Right now, he's flying across the Atlantic Ocean with his bride Lauren after a week and a half in Europe on their honeymoon. Because of jet lag, I'm sure they won't be doing much "hooping and hollering"  when they get off the plane.  So let the party begin here in mid-Michigan.

Birthdays are really important and each one is deserving of recognition.  We started with two in our family and then grew to four with our kids and now have seven with our kids' spouses and with our grandson.  We praise God for the opportunity to recognize each one.

Justin is a special guy.  As having a daughter is special, so is having a son.  My personal archives of memories with our son is voluminous.  And I've added space in my neuron base to accomodate more. 

Happy birthday man.  I'm proud to be your dad, your friend and chairman of your board.

Thanks to Wayne Brown of Grace Church in Destin, Florida for this Francis Chan quote

I just found this from my Facebook friend Wayne Brown, the youth pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Destin, Florida.  It's a quote from Pastor Francis Chan and it speaks to me right now:

It is true that God may have called you to be exactly where you are. But, it is absolutely vital to grasp that he didn’t call you there so you could settle in and live your life in comfort and superficial peace. - Francis Chan

Coming face-to-face with God on a Sunday morning in Michigan

I'm on my way to the showers before we head to church.  I'm trying to get my heart in shape to focus on what's important and to discard what is not.

As I get older, I can more clearly see that the answers to our problems in Michigan, the country and the world won't come from politicians or other sources where God is left out of the equation.  He has to be the centerpiece and the source for truth and for action.

I pray that all pastors can preach his Word with clarity that can connect with all hearts including mine. 

God is faithful even to people living in troubled Michigan.  I pray that all of us can see that and have faith in that truth.

More later.

This is a shot of super-wife and me all dressed-up at our son's wedding

I've worn a tie two times in the last six years since I retired from my day job.  Once was at my daughter's wedding two and half years ago and the other was last Saturday at my son's nuptials. 

It was good.  My wife looked her usual "hubba-hubba" self and I looked dressed up.  Unusual for me ?  Yup.  Here's a pic:

My wife and I at Justin and Lauren's wedding.

Here's a video of my "best man's speech" at my son's wedding

Exactly a week ago I was getting ready to give my "best man's speech" at my son Justin's wedding in northern Maryland.  With a whole big bunch of people looking on, I shared some thoughts with some being fun and others serious about my son mixed in with a piece of advice.  It was a real honor.  It will hold a high position in my hall of fame for personal memories.  This video was shot by my son-in-law Adam.