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Kalamazoo County (MI) is looking at property tax millage to pay for homeless housing

The Lansing (MI) State Journal owned by Gannett continues to die a slow death

You can almost hear the bugle playing taps in the background as Gannett newspapers announces that the Lansing (MI) State Journal will be laying off two more employees at the only daily paper in our State Capital city. 

It has fallen from a once proud position where it covered state government like a blanket, as well as local governments.  Now there's less than minimal coverage of anything but local sports, especially Michigan State University.

What have been and what will be the growing consequences to our area where state and local government does not have an independent and strong set of eyes and ears for the people?  What happens when officials have little or no accountability or oversight?

Are there any alternative news outlets in the mill to replace it?