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What should I get my wife for Father's Day?

Tastingroom I wear the title "Father" with pride.  If I still had a resume, it would be first in the list of jobs I've held.  It has brought me the most everything that you look for in life.  Love, purpose, learning and a texture in life that you get in no other place.

I need to add that it could only be that way with my wife who helped make the dad experience top flight.  Doing it together and with her made the difference.  So husband goes right along with being a dad.

That's why I feel I should get my wife a Father's Day present.  Hey, I was right there when she delivered both kids.  I can sit back and recount how great the experience was and do it with a big wow sort of smile.  She did the work.  And as the kids grew, she was right there.

I've already gotten word of one Father's Day present in an e-mail saying that someone at least 21 years old has to be home to sign for it when UPS delivers it.  It's from the which sends samplers of premium California wines.  That should be fun.   And I will enjoy them with my wife.

But she deserves the gift.   Maybe I can say we deserve the gift.  We've done this together.  We will drink the wine together when it comes.  It's time to get out the  "big ass" wine glasses as Gary Vaynerchuk would say.