There has to be something good I can say about my father-Claude H. Thorp- on Father's Day
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Why don't parents name more of their kids Gideon?

As part of my process for powering-up for the day, I usually read the devotion from Our Daily Bread by Radio Bible Class.  I usually read it on their website with a paper copy nearby just in case I need a back-up.  For me, it's kind of like hooking up jumper cables to my heart so I get pointed in the right direction as the day gets going.

Today's devotion from ODB is about a guy from the Bible named Gideon who faced major leage fear when God told him to deliver Israel from its enemy Midian.  With his overwhelming fear, he was obedient and he was successful over a period of time.

So what does that mean for us today?

"We too may doubt our own abilities and potential. But let us never doubt what God can do with us when we trust and obey Him. Gideon’s God is the same God who will help us accomplish all that He asks us to do."

I ask God to make it clear what he wants me to do today and that I trust him to help me get it done.

Gideon is my role model today.  So, why don't more parents name their sons Gideon?