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Are you, your family, friends, neighbors part of the long-term unemployed in Michigan?

Living in the heart of mid-Michigan, I know there must be plenty of long-term unemployed, people who have been out of work for more than a year.  They've tried to get a job, but it's dragged on and they are now treading water in trying to find a new job.

What makes me ask is this video from the online version of the Wall Street Journal where there's a discussion about how this group of unemployed workers is growing.  For talk about Michigan, go to the 1:53 point of the video.  The point is made that auto companies and their suppliers are calling back to work first those who were last laid-off and not those who have been out the longest.

How are the long-term unemployed coping?  Are they?  What are their prospects?  The news media seems to have forgotten them.