LETTER TO MY GRANDSON: Spending the day in Frankenmuth and eating chicken at Zehnders
Is it inevitable that trouble will invade your life in some way, shape or fashion?

Check this: Dallas, the old television show, is coming back and will take place in present time

When our kids were little and during the time when they would be in bed by 8 p.m., my wife and I would Dallas take Friday nights as an in-house date night where we would watch the old television series Dallas.  We'd get a small pizza delivered from Dominoes and a bottle of Lambrusco wine.

We would take in all the exploits of J.R. Ewing and his well to-do family.  Watching it became a ritual.  Well, it's coming back to television on TNT with many of the same actors playing their characters in the present time.  We'll be watching.

Can Dallas attact a sizable audience?  Can you bring an old tv show like that back and make a seamless transition to the present day?  What do you think?