Super-wife and I are going to see "Life In A Day" movie tonight
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I would recommend the movie "Life In Day" but not for everybody

Last night we went to a special screening of the movie "Life In A Day" at Celebration Cinema.  When we found that the usual ticket price was almost doubled, we almost picked something else.  I'm glad we didn't.

What we saw was shot by ordinary people around the world about what took place in their lives on July 24, 2010.  It was produced by the famous movie producer Ridley Scott and was done in concert with YouTube. 

The result was an amazing look into the lives of ordinary people from one end of the world to the other as provided by themselves through small HD video camera.  Just think about the concept.  What are ordinary people doing right now in South America, Russia, Spain, the United States, Canada.  It's like walking through your neighborhood at night, seeing the lights on in individual houses and apartments and wondering what each family was doing.

The editing for this film did an incredible job which included people shooting video of themselves also answering three questions: what was in their pockets, what do you fear and what do you love. 

We left the theater feeling a little more connected with the world and its people around us. Some people may not get it.  Nothing is blown up.  No crime, drugs or sex.  It's like going to YouTube and spending and hour-and-a-half watching home-grown videos strung together, but in a very slick way.


Check this interview of a family that shot video a few days after the young mom had surgery to deal with breast cancer. They tell about their experience.